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From here to alternity

JOHN: I have a concept called “alternity.” From here to alternity. I came back from Chile and sat in Elizabeth Campbell’s living-room on acid and started evoking ECCO. Suddenly the energy came out from above and went straight down my spine and on all sides of me were these divisions like a pie. And I could look down this one and see a certain future and then right over here another future and on and on. So this was alternity that I was sitting in. Now actually, unconsciously, we sit in alternity all the time, we have to or you wouldn’t know how to get anywhere, right? But you don’t know it.

DJB: You mean sitting in a place where you see all the infinite possibilities and pathways that can emerge from a particular point in space-time?

JOHN: I don’t know if it’s infinite. It’s sure 360 degrees and each alternative reality was every two degrees or something like that. There were a hell of a lot of them and some that I couldn’t ever imagine.

RMN: If you were conscious of that do you think you would be able to make any decisions to go anywhere?

JOHN: Well, I get conscious of all of them or none of them. So when I get out of my body I don’t try to program anything because there are so many alternates possible.

DJB: What are you thoughts about the future?

JOHN: What’s the future?

DJB: That which hasn’t happened yet. The next micro-second, the next year, the next century and so on.

JOHN: We act as if there’s going to be a year out there, but we haven’t got there yet, right? And we think the sun is going to come up every morning and we count on that, we expect it. What’s going to happen when it doesn’t? One alternity is enough so why talk about the future?


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