It’s Psychedelic Baby mag Interview

21Its Psychedelic Baby

Lysergic, sometimes atonal, powerful and at once catchy, you might say there are strange forces at work in the music.  A confident blend of space and psychedelic rock, Strange Forces have been brewing up their own bad ass unique style for almost four years at this point.  While they had released several EPs in the past 2012 saw the release of their debut album, I’d Rather Listen To The Bloody Birds on 12” vinyl.  The edition of two-hundred copies sold out almost instantly at the source, I however was one of the lucky few that managed to score a copy.  As a result since the release of I’d Rather Listen To The Bloody Birds I have been chomping at the bit for new Strange Forces material but couldn’t find any info floating around online as to whether or not they were working on anything…  Lost in the trance like state which Strange Forces evokes I knew I had to talk to find an answer, I needed to know more about this band.  Hypnotic solos and a rhythm section built like a brick shit house keep the music from becoming plodding or repetitive, convalescing into a misty cloud of psychedelic hysteria.  Strange Forces has something special going on and I was going to get to the bottom of it.  So join me in a personal odyssey of discovery and obsession and make sure you check out all the amazing streaming music available on Strange Forces Bandcamp page at!



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