Permanent Records Chicago


If your in the states you can now purchase our LP at Permanent Records*. Here’s what they had to say about the LP:

“An Australian band that moved to Germany that started a heavy instrumental psychedelic group that get’s its record funded by a “grow your own” website called Magic Mushroom Shop?  Oh yeah.. this is gonna get tons of spins round Permo-HQ.  This release is a quintessential Permanent record, it’s got fugged up 3d-ish artwork and the lysergic sonics coming out of our speakers are of the most ear pleasing psychedelic variety.  “I’d Rather Listen To The Bloody Birds” is grooving through the acid vision cosmos with driving beats, melodic bass lines, effect drenched guitars creating future primitive instrumental head swirlers from start to finish.  Strange Focus are squinting the sounds of acts like White Hills, Disappears, Camera, The Telescopes and Swervedriver and concocting their own brand of fungus minded psychedelia, a sound that conjures the depths of the mind with a heaping helping of VOLUME.  Crank this sucker and stare at your hand for a few hours.  .. wait… did that chair just move? Supremely Recommended.”

*update: back in stock at permo: click here.


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