Space is the Place

into a ufo

into a ufo band photo cool

we have started an online crowdsfunding on indiegogo to raise the cash needed for us to play a gig in space (outside of earth). We have set the target for 2.6millions squids and with 61 days left we are getting very excited.

here’s a comment someone made on the site:

“VG – Although a really great space launch provider will only offer you 7 to 15 minutes in sub-orbit! Hardly enough time to even tune your equipment before starting your decent. Near-Space would provide you with 3 hours with the curvature of Earth and the blackness of space as a backdrop. Cameras stretigically placed would cancel the need for you to have a camera man; and your manager doesn’t need to go along either. The whole flight would cost you $800k and your GF could stay at home:)”

thanks but i think we will go for the 2.6million for sure.


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