What happend to Saturn’s rings in ’84?

Most of the planets in our solar system seem really damn weird to me. Firstly, take away all the occult/astro connotations, conspiracy shit, ancient pagan tales etc related; and just for a minute, take a look at the physicality of these planets and you’ll notice really weird stuff going on.

Saturn for example, seems to me to be one of the most bizarre: There’s a perfect hexagon located at the north pole for starters. Just the other day they found new moons orbiting and rotating within the rings. But the most interesting thing I’ve ever heard about Saturn is that there are artificial structures actually built into the rings.

In a nutshell, Richard C. Hoagland, suggests that these ‘structures’ on the rings could be the remains of a potential ring world. A ring around the planet which effects the hyper-dimensional physics of the planet resulting in a northern Hexagonal pole:

I like Hoagland. He’s got a cool background and take on things;


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